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Pleasure Spiked with Pain

That mothafucka's always spiked with pain...

Shorty Bang Bang
6 December 1985
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I'm not a playa, I just crush a lot.

Hey, check it out! I was cute once!

I think I still make that face?


"bend over and i'll...", adding on interests, almost a little death., america's next top model, antm, attractive people, billy joel, blogging, boys with pretty hair, bringin it, bubblewrap, cake (the band), cake (the food), california, chasing waterfalls, cheesy pop, closer, clueless, cocktails, columbia university, cooter, counting crows, creating awkward situations, cute ass babies, dancin, dexter, disneyland, eating, edward norton, ellipses, fabric softener, flirting, funny people, gator bait 2, gay boyfriends, gay marriage, girls, goodwill (the store), goodwill (to all), having mixed babies, highlighters, hollywood, house, hyphenated names, improv, jeopardy!, johnny depp, journey, kevin smith movies, kicking ass/taking names, kicking it old school, kidz bop, killing my sims, l to the j, larry david, law and order, leisha hailey, liquid courage, lolcats, long beach, los angeles, makin out, manger les bebes, mariska hargitay, medium, mini-vans, mirah, mitch hedberg, movies, naps on the beach, new york city, not another teen movie, not eating, not participating, now: sandpaper against skin., offensive jokes, our kansas, peaches, pina coladas, pretending to be jewish, procrasti.......na....ting, project runway, puns, putt-putt, rap, regina spektor, reno 911, representin' the dirty south, rilo kiley, rockapella, rufus wainwright, saved by the bell, scrubs, self love, sex and the city, shaking the haters off, snuggling, sometimes being vegan, soul caliber 2, south park, stand-up comedy, sushi, svu, sweet little lies, takin pitchers, text messages, the beach boys, the l word, the muppet movie, the princess bride, the simpsons, theatre, they might be giants, third eye blind, turtles that are ninjas, unitarian universalism, usc, veganism, venice, vulgarity, wasting time, weddings, weezer, weird al, whoring in general, wishing i was ethnic, worshipping dolly parton, your mother